BeiJing Z&R Exhibitions Co., Ltd. {hereinafter referred to as Z&R”} is a joint venture between Reed Sinopharm and Zhuyitai Technology. It is committed to focusing on the construction of good hospitals,building a professional platform for hospital construction and communication innovation worldwide,and hosting and planning online and offline conferences and exhibitions in the field of hospital construction. It owns the project of China Hospital Construction Conference International Hospital Build and Infrastructure Exposition (CHCC)


    Exhibition consultation
    • Wen Haibing

      +86 18510329952

    • Gao Le

      +86 18600036380

    • Alice Shang

      +86 18610936857

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    Conference consultation
    • Wang Ying

      +86 18201551206

    • Yang Yang

      +86 15010176635

    • Wen Haibing

      +86 18510329952

    Visit consultation && Media cooperation
    • Ma Chaomin

      +86 18612943095

    Channel cooperation
    • Li Jinlong

      +86 13701271002

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