VVIP Exhibition Area

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VIP Exhibition Area

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Exhibition area of hospital planning, design and general contracting

Preliminary Planning and Process Design of Hospital Building Projects
Project Consultation
Planning & Architectural Design
Overall Planning and Design of Complex and Specialized Hospitals
Planning of Individual Hospital Buildings
Design of Other Medical and Health Centers
Project Management
Gardening & Landscape Design
Interior Decoration Design
Interior Decoration Project
Signage Design Systems
Barrier-Free & Self-Service Facilities
Medical Protection Facility and Patient Safety Systems


Exhibition area of innovative materials for hospital building decoration floor

Floor mat
Floor tile


Exhibition area of hospital ceiling engineering and innovative materials

Integrated ceiling system
Top wall integrated system
ventilation system
Lighting Series
Ceiling module
Aluminum gusset board
Gypsum products
Calcium silicate board
Mineral wool board
PS board
Fireproof board
Suspended ceiling
Ceiling sound absorption
Expanded perlite sound absorption board
Fiber composite material
Ceiling hardware fittings
Comprehensive building materials
Top surface materials
Various keels and other supporting systems
Relevant engineering design software


Exhibition area of innovative materials for hospital building decoration walls and wall surface

Wall disinfection and antibacterial board
Wall cloth
Background painting
Diatom mud wall decoration
Wall coating
Ceramic tile
Wall brick
Decorative board
Anti double board


Innovative technology exhibition area for hospital doors, windows, curtain walls and accessories

Automatic metal doors and windows
Mechanical accessories
Electrical accessories
Plastic products
Door control manufacturing and processing
Automatic door and window installation
Medical air tight door
Automatic induction door
Steel door
Fast rolling shutter door
Automatic integrated hardware Electromechanical
Stainless steel products and accessories


Exhibition area of smart inpatient ward, smart sitting and sleeping facilities and smart furniture solutions

Intelligent nursing system
Intelligent medical care system
Intelligent environment control system
Intelligent wheelchair, sickbed, toilet, etc
Medical intelligent furniture


Exhibition area for medical HVAC electrical and weak electrical system construction

Air conditioning system
Operation Department and process room purification air conditioning system
Ventilation system
Smoke control and smoke exhaust system
Building equipment management
Office automation
Computer network
Service management
Parking garage management
Access control management&medical education
Medical information
Medical diagnosis
Hospital special system


Exhibition area of medical logistics transmission system and supporting equipment

Box and Rail Car and Other Medium-Sized Logistics System
Fully Automated Equipment for Outpatient Dispensaries in Hospitals
Hospital Pneumatic Track Logistics System
AGV and Medical Logistics Robot System
Automatic Logistics System for Pharmaceutical Equipment Department
Garbage Collection System


Exhibition area of engineering and supporting equipment for medical clean room, special ward

Laminar Air Flow Ward (ICU, etc.) Projects and Equipment
Central Sterilization Supply Room and Supporting Facility
Vacuum Aspiration and Pipe System
Infection Control & Sterilization Projects


Exhibition area of medical water system construction and supporting equipment

Water Supply and Drainage System
Water Supply System/ Pure Water System/ Acidified Water and Alkalized Water System
Water Purification and Direct Drinking Water System
Sewage Disposal System
Solar Water Heating System
Secondary Water System


Corporate exhibition area of medical gas engineering and supporting equipment

Medical Gas System Planning and Technology
Central Oxygen Supply and Medical Gas Supply System
Vacuum Related Equipment
Medical Gas Busbar
Medical Gas Monitoring and Alarm Equipment
Gas Terminal and Equipment Belt


Exhibition Area of Smart Hospital System Solutions

Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment Information Platform
Internet Hospital Platform
Smart Medical Service Platform
Telemedicine Information Service Platform
Regional Health Service Information Platform
Contract Energy Management
Medical Robots, Mobile and Telemedicine, Wearables, 3D Printing, VR&AR


Exhibition area of hospital logistics operation support

Catering Equipment and Service
Hospital Laundry Projects and Equipment
Hospital Park Construction & Management
Hospital Property Management
Hospital Nursing Service
Medical Quality Evaluation & Accreditation System
Lease & Outsourcing Services
Waste Classified Disposal & Recycling
Security Services and Management"


Hospital building scientic innovation exhibition hall



Exhibition Area of Medical Engineering Innovation Equipment

Medical imaging
In vitro diagnosis
First aid
Rehabilitation care, medical information technology"


International exhibition area

Innovative building materials
Environmentally friendly materials
High-tech medical equipment, technology and overall solution"


Exhibition area of system solutions for laboratory and medical equipment

Planning+construction+equipment: overall planning and design of the laboratory, construction of laboratory system engineering (water supply and drainage system, weak current system, gas supply system, electrical system), laboratory equipment (laboratory bench, Fume hood, intelligent safety cabinet, inspection equipment, consumables), etc;
Intelligent laboratory management system: laboratory environment facilities management system, Laboratory information management system;
Third party cooperation and co construction: pathology centers, laboratories, regional centers, and Precision medicine centers;
Medical equipment:
Diagnostic equipment
X-ray diagnostic equipment
Ultrasound diagnostic equipment
Functional inspection equipment
Endoscopy equipment
Nuclear medicine equipment
Experimental diagnostic equipment
Pathological diagnostic equipment
Treatment equipment
Ward care equipment
Surgical equipment
Radiation therapy equipment
Physical and chemical equipment
Laser equipment
Other treatment equipment
Auxiliary equipment
Disinfection and sterilization equipment
Refrigeration equipment
Central suction and oxygen supply system
Air conditioning equipment
Pharmaceutical machinery and equipment
Blood bank equipment
Medical data processing equipment
Medical video and photography equipment


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